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1. How to insert a link:

To insert a link in your post/topic, just click on the INSERT LINK button in the Boardcode menu.


2. How to change/upload avatar:

To change you avatar or upload a new one, click on PROFILE button on the top of the page( when you're logged into the forum, then on the right hand site, just opposite your user name, you will see a small EDIT button. Just click it and choose your avatar or upload a new one. NOTE: The maximum size for your avatar is 150kB.


3. How to resize my photos:

If you want to resize your photos, you can do that with Light image resizer, which is a free software and easy to install and work with. Just type the name in google and you will have it in seconds. After you have downloaded the software, start the installation process and select the option that says INTEGRATE WITH WINDOWS CONTEXT MENU. After the installation has finished, just RIGHT CLICK on the image you want to resize and select LIGHT IMAGE RESIZER. In the dialog window choose the desired width and height and then "save as...". If the image size of the new photo is still bigger than 250kB you can select lower quality from the QUALITY tab(see picture) or just enter the desired size(see picture).


4. How to add/upload photo from my computer:

If you want to add/upload photo to your post in the forum, just click on the ADD FILE button in the Attachments section, browse your hard drive for the photo you want to upload, click on it and press OPEN or just double-click. After that you will see a new button INSERT, just click it and then click SUBMIT in order to submit your post.


5. How to insert video/video link:

If you want to insert a video/video link in your post, for example if you want to post in YOUR SONG OF THE DAY, the way you should do that is the following: copy the video link. FOR EXAMPLE if your video is on youtube, just open it in your browser, copy the URL from the URL address bar, then click on the VIDEO button in the boardcode menu, insert your URL in the URL section and click INSERT VIDEO. Then you can submit your post.


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